Integrated software solutions for the Transport Industry

Welcome to the most advanced suite of software for the transport industry. Automate and integrate real- time data which will significantly increase your operational efficiencies and reduce costs

Tachograph Analysis

Tachomaster is the market leading Tachograph Analysis solution.

Having analysed millions of tachograph records, digital and analogue, Tachomaster takes the hassle out of tachograph analysis and keeps thousands of companies legal.

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Vehicle Tracking & Analytics

Accurate vehicle tracking using dedicated GPS devices, forensic style examination of vehicle CAN data, regularly scheduled reports of geofence hits - this is just a slice of what Falcon has to offer.

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Transport Management System

Whether you manage a few vehicles or a large fleet, Roadrunner will help improve efficiency and puts you in complete control of your operations, allowing you to spend more time developing your business.

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Driver Licence Checking

Make sure your drivers are legal, valid and up-to-date with our licence checking software. It’s quick, simple and easy to use. Everything you need to know about your employees’ driving status is just a few clicks away.

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Vehicle Daily Defect & Damage Reporting

PreDrive helps keep vehicles on the road, safely. The PreDrive app lets a driver accurately check their vehicle and highlight problems.

Managers can instantly see where defects or damages have been recorded, and even be notified of failures for immediate action.

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The most advanced software solutions for the transport industry

Improve how you manage everyday tasks - from planning fleet routes for increased efficiency to in-depth key performance and safety metrics on driver infringements and bad driving habits. Our powerful set of integrated software will help you automate and integrate your real-time data instantly, which will help drive significant operational efficiencies and reduce costs to your business.


Revolutionary tachograph analysis software solutions

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Cost effective and dynamic vehicle tracking software

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The complete transport management software

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DVLA Licence checking software

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Daily driver defect and damage reporting software

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Explore our most popular software features

See why 1000’s of companies have chosen Road Tech over the last 25 years. From tachograph analysis and dynamic vehicle tracking to daily vehicle checks and DVLA Licence checking to the complete transport management software. Road Tech has the most advanced set of software solutions for the transport industry.

Complete EU Drivers Regulations and Working Time Directive compliance.

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Upload your Driver Cards, Vehicle Units and enable your remote download devices.

Tachomaster …

Advanced driver management using the Driver Compliance Reporting System.

Tachomaster …

Unlimited users and complete management of custom user access profiles.

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Interactive Weekly Rest utility maximises worker utilisation.

Tachomaster …

Keep track of training using the CPC and training management facility.

Tachomaster …

Comprehensive report suite composed of over 80 reports for all needs.

Tachomaster …

Forensic detail of your vehicle speed and distance traveled down to the second.

Tachomaster …

See where your vehicles are right now, and see where they have been.

Falcon Tracking …

Vehicle and Driver grading to monitor performance and improvement.

Falcon Tracking …

Custom built geofences for reporting location activity and monitoring waiting times.

Falcon Tracking …

Real time vehicles status, including fuel level, current driver, speed and more.

Falcon Tracking …

Allow your customers to book jobs online — as a single job or many using a spreadsheet.

Roadrunner …

No waiting for paperwork, view your PODs the moment they have been scanned.

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Make sure your drivers are legal, valid and up-to-date with DVLA Licence checking.

Checkmaster …

Schedule checks as often as is required, or based on a driver's risk score.

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Custom inspection and damage templates to work how you need to.

PreDrive …

Take photos of any damage and have it immediately sent to PreDrive.

PreDrive …

Improve how you manage everyday tasks - from planning routes to tachograph analysis.

Road Tech …

All Road Tech data is stored securely on custom built, high performance servers.

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Over the last 25 years we have helped 1000s of companies

Don’t just take our word for it…

We, at Road Tech, have been in the transport industry since 1984. For the last 30 years, our company’s focus has been to provide the most advanced software solutions for our customers.

“A great product with impeccable customer service.”
- HSS Hire Service Group

“Since we installed Tachomaster in 2014 it has been very well received by our Transport Manager and staff in helping us to manage such a critical element of our undertakings as a commercial vehicle operator.”

“The software is easily adopted and easy to use, the analysis is instant, the reports are numerous and it is backed up by a great team at Road Tech.”

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Whether you manage a few vehicles or a large fleet, you want the same results: cost-effective productivity that fuels the bottom line. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced software solutions available. You can manage, control and analyse your data instantly, making driver safety, security and compliance easier. Maximise your efficiency and improve productivity saving your business time, money, and hassle.

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