About Road Tech

Derek Beevor, former Army paratrooper and road haulier, set up his company Road Tech Computer Systems in 1984 after becoming frustrated with the lack of software available to help run his 20 vehicle transport company.

He solved the problem by combining his first-hand knowledge of the transport industry with the expert programming and design skills of a software developer. Consequently, they created a Transport Management System which they called "Roadrunner". Today, Roadrunner is used by some of the most successful companies in the industry and Road Tech has built a reputation for supplying innovative and reliable market leading software solutions.

… wealth of knowledge of the transport industry …

Road Tech has grown considerably since 1984 and now employs 85 staff, who between them have a wealth of knowledge of the transport industry, which is one of the many reasons why the company is so successful. With a combination of ongoing investment, innovative and integrated software systems and a drive to exceed customer expectations the company has attracted thousands of customers across the industry.

In 2004, two years prior to the arrival of the digital tachograph, Derek saw the opportunity for Road Tech to develop a tachograph analysis solution. Tachomaster was launched in 2006 without having a single customer. It quickly took the market by storm being the first tachograph analysis system that offered not just compliance, but internet-based, real-time analysis and reporting. Tachomaster is so successful that by August 2016 it had analysed 90,000,000 card, chart and vehicle downloads, going from not having a single customer to becoming the undisputed market leader.

We recognise that a good reputation is hard won, but easily lost

At Road Tech we are so confident in the power of our software, ongoing development, support and dedication to what we do, that unlike our competitors we do not ask our customers to sign contracts before they can use our software systems. The reason that our customers remain loyal to us is not because they have a contract, but because we do everything that we can to exceed their expectations and treat them with integrity. We recognise that a good reputation is hard won, but easily lost.

Today, we have five integrated market-leading systems. We are not a company to sit back on our laurels and whilst you are reading this we continue to develop new and innovative software solutions that will save your company both time and money.

Road Tech has its head office based at Shenley Hall in Hertfordshire.

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  • Road Tech Computer Systems Ltd. Founded

    Roadrunner Transport Management System is launched
  • First IBM Risc/6000 System installed
  • Roadrunner MOD RAMS Contract awarded - 460 users in sites across UK and Europe
  • Roadrunner Report Generator launched
  • First Roadrunner Warehouse EDI
  • Financial Times Website Award Winner
  • Roadrunner Professional shows a new vision of the Transport Management System
  • Tachomaster brings the first real-time tachograph analysis system to the industry
  • Finalist in the IFW Award for innovation
  • Falcon Tracking is launched bringing live vehicle tracking integration
  • Tachomaster reaches 10 Million data uploads
  • PreDrive arrives helping users to keep their vehicles on the road and manage faults
  • Roadrunner Live is launched introducing many online features for Road Tech's TMS
  • Tachomaster reaches 50 Million data uploads
  • Checkmaster arrives with driving license checking and Road Tech integration
  • Tachomaster reaches 90 Million data uploads
  • Tachomaster reaches 100 Million data uploads
  • Road Tech is now an Employee Ownership Trust.
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  • DOT is introduced as both a remote tachograph download solution and advanced vehicle tracker
  • Tachomaster reaches 200 Million data uploads
  • Checkmaster reaches 500,000 checks
  • Falcon Tracking is renamed to DOT Tracking following DOTs incredible success