Tachomaster reaches 90 million driver card, chart and vehicle downloads.

Posted by Road Tech UK 09.11.16

Tachomaster reaches 90 million driver card, chart and vehicle downloads

Road Tech Computer Systems are celebrating the phenomenal success of Tachomaster, their tachograph analysis system. Tachomaster was launched by the company in 2006 when tachographs went digital and this week, Tachomaster completed its 90,000,000th drivers card, chart and vehicle download, making it the undisputed market leader. A spokesperson for the company said: “We know how many drivers cards have been issued by the DVLA and we know how many have been seen by our servers, so the numbers are an exact science.”

Although they have been successfully writing and developing software exclusively for the transport industry since 1984, Road Tech were never previously in the tachograph analysis market and launched Tachomaster without having a single customer. With the imminent arrival of the digital tachograph, they saw an opportunity to completely revolutionise the tachograph market, by writing a system that went way beyond compliance and utilised the information held on the drivers card, chart, and the tacho head. Tachomaster was the only system to offer, not just instant live real time tachograph analysis, but detailed management information about an operators two most costly assets, the vehicle and the driver.

The price of Tachomaster remains unchanged since its 2006 launch, although it is constantly developed, giving its customers unrivalled reporting and systems integration with four other Road Tech systems. Tachomasters ongoing development and systems integration affords its customers a real insight into the efficiency of their businesses, consequently, it is now being used by most of the UK’s leading supermarkets and hauliers.

Our Core Benefits

  • Analyse your data instantly
  • Numerous calendar tools
  • Driver improvement systems
  • Manage your drivers with DCRS
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Free training days at our HQ
  • CPC management
  • Tachomaster LIVE will show live driver availability and status *
  • Plus get Road Tech integration

For more information visit www.tachomaster.co.uk

* Compatible hardware required