DVSA Refines Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) To Help Focus On The Most Non-Compliant

Posted by Road Tech UK 02.02.2017

DVSA Refines Operator Compliance

The DVSA has recently launched a new combined traffic and roadworthiness score to its Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system to help tackle those who pose the greatest risk. The system is based on data collected by DVSA over a 3-year rolling period. Data is taken from annual tests, roadside inspections and inspections at operators' premises.

The scores are split into two categories, and a combined score is given for:

  • Roadworthiness: vehicle inspections done at the operators’ premises or roadside inspections
  • Traffic checks: roadside inspections for drivers’ hours, tachograph offences and weighing checks

As an operator you get points when a test or inspection finds a defect or infringement of the rules. The more serious the defect or infringement, the more points you will receive. Your points will translated into a score system, which will be shown as R (red-highest risk), A (amber-medium risk) or G (green-lowest risk).

The primary goal is to focus roadside enforcement on operators who pose the highest risk to the public. The new system allows the DVSA to target those operators and can reduce the likelihood of roadside inspections for compliant operators who have gained the ‘earned recognition’ from the DVSA.

Technology has a vital part to play in helping to ensure that operators are compliant. Using tachograph analysis software like Tachomaster will help transport operators to improve and manage their compliance issues. It can assist in reducing infringements, helps manage irresponsible individuals and control their drivers more effectively.

Please take note that analysis is merely the means to an end. The objective is to make use of the information. Only this will persuade the DSVA that an operator has "taken all reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the rules."

Did you know that it’s estimated that 85% of roadside infringement offences could have been avoided if the driver conducted a walk around vehicle check before commencing the journey.

Once again, technology can help operators stay compliant and reduce their workload. Using a smartphone to complete your walk around vehicle checks is a much saver alternative to the traditional paper checklists. Using a smartphone app like PreDrive to track, report and analyse defects in real time is easier, quicker and safer for everyone.

By putting compliance at the top of your agenda, you can reduce time, dreaded inspections, prevent paper errors, and save your business time and money. So why don’t you eradicate inefficiencies within your business today and increase your drivers' safety, security and compliance by giving us a call.

For more information on our tachograph analysis software visit Tachomaster or for information on our paperless walk around vehicle checking software visit PreDrive. Or get in touch with us directly on 01923 46 00 00 or email sales@roadtech.co.uk.