Industry experts join Road Tech to celebrate the landmark 100 millionth tachograph download by Tachomaster

Posted by Road Tech UK 11.07.2017

100 Millionth Tachomaster Download

Celebrating Road Tech's landmark 100 millionth Tachomaster tachograph download, achieved in only eleven years, making it the undisputed market leader.

A delegation of industry experts joined Road Tech to discuss the latest developments in compliance technology and to celebrate the 100 millionth download to its Tachomaster tachograph analysis system.

Road Tech has built a reputation for supplying innovative and reliable market-leading software solutions for the transport industry and spent years developing Tachomaster before it’s launch in 2006. When launched Tachomaster didn’t have a single customer however, it quickly took the transport industry by storm and revolutionised the tachograph analysis market.

Eleven years later and Tachomaster has over 6000 customers and has analysed over 100 million card, chart and vehicle downloads. The landmark download was received from Fowler Welch, a well-known haulier based in Lincolnshire, who are a long-term customer of Road Tech’s.

John Kerrigan Chief Operating Officer of Fowler Welch received a commemorative trophy for the 100 millionth download from the DVSA’s Head of Enforcement Policy, Gordon Macdonald, at Road Tech’s head office at Shenley Hall. John said: “We have recorded one million Tachomaster downloads and are proud of our compliance, we work hard at it. “At one time, making money was more important than compliance but now, working with Tachomaster, we have embraced this system and become much more efficient. “Technology will be a key part of our future and we will work with Road Tech as they develop even more sophisticated remote download systems, which we understand will include high security driver profile links to the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme and the futuristic sounding Tachomaster Live.”

Among the industry big hitters was Ian Jones, Director of the highly respected transport solicitors Backhouse Jones. Ian said: “That, in my humble opinion, it would be political suicide to reduce the regulations operators are subjected to, as nobody wants another Bath tipper or, Glasgow bin incident.”

Gordon McDonald, Head Of Enforcement Policy at the DVSA said: “Services that Tachomaster provide, make it easier to be compliant.” He went on to say: “That the Earned Recognition Scheme can identify the best operators, by giving them the recognition they deserve and that Road Tech’s products and services allow operators to manage their systems for Earned Recognition.”

John Hix, Regional Director of FORS said: “Derek Beevor and his team had a vision and that they anticipated rather than reacted to the seismic shift to digital tachographs, stressing the close working relationship between Road Tech and FORS.”

Tachomaster has transformed the industry and helped its customers to improve and manage their compliance, reduce infringements and control their drivers more effectively. Tachomaster gives its customers instant real-time analysis, unrivalled management reporting, a twenty-eight day free trial and there is no contract to sign.

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