The Fourth Annual FORS Members Conference

Posted by Road Tech UK 15.11.2019

The Fourth Annual FORS Members Conference

The fourth annual FORS Members Conference themed ‘Safer, Smarter, Greener,’ was a massive success and saw over 450 delegates packed into the National Conference Centre in Solihull.

The conference revealed the increasing demand for the transport industry to be safer, smarter and greener. The one-day event had several expert guest speeches from across the industry including our very own director Adrian Barrett from Road Tech.

Adrian was asked to share the latest information about the new Smart Tachograph (Gen 2) device, one of the most significant changes in tachograph regulation in more than 12 years.

The majority of Adrian’s speech highlighted the real benefits of the NEW second generation ‘Smart Tacho’ that has been designed to eliminate the most severe forms of tampering, boost driver safety and reduce driver infringements.

The new ‘Smart Tacho’ has incorporated several new changes due to the advances in digital technologies, and these improvements will help streamline the admin and compliance of all tachograph data.

The new ‘Smart Tacho’ will see the introduction of the latest version of the GPS (GNSS) to record the positioning and tracking of your vehicles. The starting location, the following three hours of driving time and the end location will be tracked and recorded.

The new device will also allow the DVSA roadside enforcement officers and police to remotely scan passing vehicles, without having to stop them and detect possible fraudulent activity. The added benefit for companies is the decrease in roadside checks, the improvement in efficiency and the reduction of administrative burdens for your transport operations.

At Road Tech, we are continually improving and developing our software to help our customers improve their road safety, compliance and manage their daily operations more efficiently. Companies that embrace the latest technology and software see the most significant benefits.

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